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Welcome to the official website for the Star Trek Chronometer program. For many years, Star Trek fans have gone without a reliable, uniform Stardate Time System to refer to, a lot of time was spent researching, developing, receiving comments, and implementing this Stardate Time System. The system was designed for practical application with everyday use in mind, and Star Trek principles, traditions, appearances, and common sense were taken into consideration during the important developmental stages. The result of this hard work and research has produced what is easily the best Stardate Time System available, which not only provides Star Trek fans with a real implementation of Stardate times, but can also be used as a reliable time keeping device for real-life applications.

Essentially, the program is a clock that has the ability to display Stardate time, as well as Earth time, in interface themes based on the technology shown in "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Star Trek: The Original Series," and "Star Trek: Enterprise." It has four different window sizes, so the user can switch between Mini, Small, Big and Fullscreen displays. It can be used to convert Stardate time to Earth time, and back. To enhance the user's experience with the program, and to make each interface theme more realistic, different types of animations and sound effects appropriate to each era were used. The program also includes and makes use of canon Star Trek interface fonts. The settings are highly customizable, so that regular use can be tailored to each user's preferred window size, interface theme, and clock type preference using theme styled controls inside the program.